Materials for Trainers

Diagnostic tool β€žThe needs of adult trainers to improve the quality of on-line work”

Dear Trainers,

Please find below small diagnostic tool which will allow you to better understand your needs related to online work and digital well-being. It will help you also understand how you can improve the quality of online work, and at the same time make it easier and more effective.

The tool has 6 thematic sections, each with 5 questions. Answering the questions will take 10 to 15 minutes. After filling in each section you will get suggestion and recommendation connected with your particular skills and competences.

Later on, If you would like to develop your competences related to on-line work and digital well-being, we invite you to our free training in this area. They will be available since November 2022. Please contact us about that issue.

We invite you to fill in the tool!!!

Time management in online work
Communication in online work
Occupational Safety and Health
Digital security in on-line work
Balance between professional and private life in online work